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Vetir Ceux Qui Sont Fo Bi Luigi Pirandello

Vetir Ceux Qui Sont Fo Bi

Luigi Pirandello

Published September 1st 2008
ISBN : 9782070346967
221 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

A-W-E-S-O-M-E. I do not know how else to describe this book. Pirandellos genius was visible in this play too.After attempting to commit suicide, Ersilia is taken to a writers house, Ludovico, who wanted to take care of her. She left a note before trying to poison herself in a park, lying about her reasons and, eventually, everything is being found out by her lovers.The storyline is a bit confusing at the beginning, meaning you do not really know what is going on, who is who and you do not know the connections and relationships between the characters. But while the story is developing, everything slowly clears out.Pirandello was fascinated by the contrast within reality and fantasy, truth and lie, life and death which are all elements of theatre itself. His mind makes me wonder, I loved a lot of quotes in this book. It was truly amazing. The behaviour in everyone is always something you can never know enough and this play opens your eyes a little bit. It makes you understand that you can never fully know a person. Pirandello was able to send messages to peoples minds through his plays. He truly deserved the Nobel Prize for Literature, even though a playwright is not considered being as valuable as a novelist or so which is an awfully wrong stereotype.Another thing that I loved about this play was that it all took place in the same scenery: a simple small cosy room. I imagined it as a movie more than a play, but I would love seeing it played in a theatre! I would go and see it with an open heart- moreover I have a great respect for theatre actors. I think their job is way more serious and difficult than a film actor for example.To conclude with, I think Pirandellos imagination and genius have no limits. Its like hes the spider who spins the spider web of intelligence in literature and drama.Cloth the naked is a play I totally recommend to everyone!