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Leadership: Where Business Ethics Begin - Instructors Edition Thomas F. Franklin

Leadership: Where Business Ethics Begin - Instructors Edition

Thomas F. Franklin

Published July 15th 2009
ISBN : 9781881276104
230 pages
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 About the Book 

LEADERSHIP: Where Business Ethics Begin. This Instructors Edition has been written for individuals who find themselves in a position to help students step back and look at where they are going - or where they already are - as business participants, including those who are directly or indirectly involved in business. People whose participation is indirect are individuals who have a family member or friend involved/consumed with their position. This book can help in understanding what those business participants might be experiencing on physical, mental, emotional, and psychological levels.Chapter One: This book is about awareness* and the role it plays in significantly increasing our quality of life and our ability to create value for ourselves and others.Chapter Two: Focusing on what is happening around you and then detaching from the result was one of the main ideas presented in chapter 1.Chapter Three: Out of expanding awareness comes what I have dubbed 180-degree vision*.Chapter Four: The ability to manage the Four Ss by integrating a companys STRATEGY with evolving knowledge and information within the SCIENCE, SERVICE, and SPIRITUAL arenas requires an expanded awareness of personal service.Chapter Five: As stated in prior chapters, our vision or understanding of our role as a leader is impacted almost completely by our awareness and understanding of life and the human condition.Chapter Six: Leaders that begin to see with 180-degree vision as a result of increasing awareness will realize a powerful change in experience and success. They will intuitively focus on longer term issues...Chapter Seven: I first heard of the idea of frame of reference when I attended a program presented by Stephen R. Covey, author of the book Seven Activities of Highly Successful People.Chapter Eight: Encourage students to read this chapter first before proceeding to the rest of the book. The summary may help underscore the importance of creating a more ethical environment within any job they may find themselves, either now or in the future.The Instructors Edition also contains a case study of the financial services/banking industry to stimulate discussion and discernment.